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Our life is full of inspiring things at Wivola the unique villa in southern Finland. These things and daily life we would like to share with You. Sailing is a passion also and leads us to beautiful Gotland where the summer is longer than in Finland and the cycling and bakeries a must.


Fashion with itś colors, materials and interior designing also inspire our days. Fixing old

​into new, like frames or kitchen is the best of summer. 


We strongly believe that one should live every

day of the life slowly, enjoying the moments.

The value of now is the greatest value of ours.


Come and see us at Wivola, rent the villa or just follow this blog of Wivola.



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Kärköläntie 1395, 03850 Pusula


Luisa Laine
Ville Syrjänen +358 40 807 3904

Wivola Kiinsteistöt Y 2643842-2

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