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Cake of dates!


The nite before quests arrival baked a cake of dates and dreamt of having vanilla frosting or cream over it. The recipe is the most simple of all.

Here it is!


Creating Your own Xmas presents is a must! Plan before hand, give Yourself time and

make the most of it. Better to start during fall and create the artwork carefully.


Dukkah and the two cute glass bottles including lemon and vanilla serum for cooking were given by my sister as Xmas presents. Dukkah is a spice sauce from North Africa.

It is made of almond, pistache, nuts, yay, coriander seeds, salt, seesame seeds and sugar.

Herbs from Dean & Deluca New York



The best way  to get to know the country is to become familiar of the spices and herbs used in the local kitchen. New York is our favorite culinar city and a must is to

visit Dean & Delucas grocery store in Soho at Broadway. The flowers, coffee, fish or jams, anything You wish for!!

Finnish ecological  vegetables and meat balls with best friends!

Cooking together with friends is great fun and Wivola new kitchen has been designed

for sharing menus and cooking. Ari chopped the vegetables with Sari and together we

created a pan of onion, garlic, root parsil, beat root and sweet potato!

1 big sweet potato

2 root parsleys

4 carrots

red onion

garlic as much as You wish

350gr minced meat

2 dl cream


1 egg


 2 vegetable stock cube


french herbs

lemon pepper

black pepper

olive oil

5 dl water


Chop vegetables into cubes. Put them into large, rather cast iron sauce pan and add some olive oil on top of it. Then create the meat balls with egg, cream and bread crumbs. Spice it up with peppers, french herbs and veggie cubes. Add water on top.

Oven 200 c and let it cook for 1,5 half.




This is absolutely sweetest and coolest summer salad with lovely

visual in put!

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