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Joblist is a to move new, old blue sofa & chairs furniture which we received from William´s mother from this entrance hall into

the main entrance terrace. Second is to start planning library into

yellow room and tapestries or painting of the wall. Third is the

small storage house new face to become a summer overnite house with double bed, linen textiles and plastic, or glass door.

The most waited is also the cleaning of the cow house into sheep

barn. Sauna needs cleaning and interior decorating a little bit also. Shall start during Easter Holiday!

IMG_1577 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1566 - Copy.JPG


Time to move into lighter yarns and colorful themes. White wool

sweater has been unfinished long enough. Suitable for summer

sailing to Visby again!



Starting to have the new guests last summer we needed to have modern

dishes to use. The traditional dishes were storaged into older cubboard

and the new, modern ones into kitchen island furniture. Arabia is present

in most of the older dishes and will show You the brand labels later according to certain timeframes and factories history.

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