Wivola's Sheep

An historic year! We had animals on the farm for the first time in over 60 years. This time Olli, Miina and Elviira spent the summer with us - taking care of the grass in the pasture behind the old cowhouse. The sheep returned to their home in Lohja in mid-August. We're planning to have more sheep next summer.

Main events in the sheep project - 10/2015 Cleaning up the den - used proceeds as fertilizer for the plants in the garden - 8/2015 Sheep return to Lohja (pic) - Altogether seven families stayed at the farm and took care of the sheep

- 7/2015 We needed a bit of additional hey to the den, an old farmer from nearby Ylirytö brought a whole tractor load! - Big thanks to Osmo for acting and reserve and back-up! - 6/2015 Sari-Anna and Janne brought the sheep to Wivola - 5/2015 Extending the summer water system to the sheep den - an automatic water bowl there - 4/2015 Ville built the 6 doors and openings into the pasture. We had to make sure the power company would maintain the three powerlines that that meet in the middle of the pasture.. - 10/2014 cleaning up the den for the sheep in the cow house - 8/2014 Joonas and his friend spent two weeks building the fence around the pasture

Miina (front), Olli, Elviira
A load of hay in July
Miina taking a nap
building the fence - requires pre-tension

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