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Here is a list of my 10 favorite books from 2015!


Muumi maailma ja todellisuus - The world accordig to

Tove Jansson


This illustrated piece of art is a story book of world famous Momin character creator Tove Jansson. There are unique photographs of her

which were never published in earlier biographies. My mother gave

this beautiful book to all of us Her three daughters.



by Kitty Kelley


Oprah Winfrey adores Dianne Sawyer and Julie Roberts. Her childhood

was far from celebrities and limelight. Growing up with intelligent mind,

outstanding outlook and witty word she is determined to be rich and famous. Helping poor and hurt, mistreated and desperate people she

surely divides the audience. This book belongs to Lotta, Sofia my daughter´s friend.


Twelve a Tuscan Cook Book

by Tessa Kiros


Any pasta, any cheede and antipasti you have been dreaming of - it is in

this cook book. Read and taste, with friends absolutely! Fantastic!!


Life and Work

Life and work photographs of Malene Birger is the most inspiring and

passionate description of an artist´s lif,e both in Copenhagen and Mallorca.



Vanhan talon uusi elämä

by Katarina Gäddnäs

The new life around the traditional house


Lifestyle dream to spend the rest of your life living in the country side.

The family puts their heart, money and soul into this 1900-built traditional

country house. Charming and learning experience is great. This I bough

to my Spouse Ville as a xmas gift.


La vie est Belle

by Henrietta Heal


C´est un livre beau et tranquil. On doit lire et boire un verre du vin rouge dans un coin tranquil à meme temps. Ici on trouve le plus

meilleurs coins de campagne en France. Les poems, les photos extra-

ordinairs et un papier doux dans les doigts. Ma soeur Minna me l´a donné.


My heart wanders

Pia Jane Bijerk



Interiors, moving to different places, memories and a dairy for my loved

ones. Switzerland carries a twist of good smelling chockalade, bakeries and

a bit shaggy tapestry. This book wraps you in the romance.


Mathilda Wrede

by Ester Ståhlberg


Männsikornas vän Mathilda Wrede  - Jag måste gå min egen väg på mitt eget vis så som jag ser och förstår... den här boken ligger här i Wivolas bibliotek.


Luonnollista kauneutta

by  Karen Gilbert



Pusulan historia

History of Wivola surroundings. How Kärkölä in Nummi Pusula was

setled and the church built by villagers.

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